Top 3 Social Media Content Topics You Must Publish To Attract People Choosing A Church

Attract people to your church when you publish the three most effective social media content topics, proven to be successful.

What makes people choose one church over another? What really matters to people when they are deciding together, as a family, what church they will attend? I’m sure you have thought about this. Well, Pew Research Center actually asked people these exact questions. This article discusses the three things that were revealed as the most important. 

The top three content topics that were found to attract people to attending a church are: quality of preaching, how welcoming the church is, and the style of worship. We’re going to look at these three factors and, in particular, how you can convey them on your social media platforms. 

With people looking to social media first for just about everything today, it’s more important than ever to have a social media presence and to make sure your church is conveying what it’s like to attend there, even before possible attendees physically walk through the doors. Let’s jump into the factors.

Top 3 Social Media Content Topics You Must Publish To Attract People Choosing A Church

Attract people to your church when you publish the three most effective social media content topics, proven to be successful.

1.  Quality of preaching.

It’s no surprise that this is the number one factor of those searching for a new church. Since this is the part of the service that typically takes up the most time each week, quality definitely matters. The best way to show your community and church seekers a taste of what your church’s messages are like is through short 1–2 minute clips. Posting your whole message each week is just too much. As we’ve all recently seen, reels on IG, FB, YouTube shorts, and TikTok are becoming the number one social media feature. They’re huge, especially to the under-40 crowd.

Sermon clips are a great way to feature the best or main points of your pastor’s message each week. We recommend staying around the one minute mark on these because we’ve discovered most people don’t hang in there much longer than that. Plus, this is a great way for algorithms to work for you and get your sermon clips out to your community. 

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Just about every popular church/ministry you can think of are putting these short clips on their social media feeds as reels. Here are a few examples: one including a well known pastor and the other two with local pastors. Look how many views each got!

More examples:

#2 How welcoming is your church?

For a lot of people, it’s hard to make a change. Making a church home change is a big one. I know because I went through this myself recently and even though I’ve been a regular attendee my whole life, I still had butterflies walking into something different for the first few weeks. But what helped me most was seeing all of the smiling faces and people who seemed genuinely happy to see me and my family.

Post 1-minute sermon clips to give church seekers a taste of the quality of your Sunday sermons. You’ll attract more people and the algorithms will reward you. Click To Tweet

Show people how friendly your church is by capturing photographs of your welcoming committee.

The best way to show this on your social media platforms is through your people! They’re there already serving so capture those images and post away. Do you have parking lot greeters or even door greeters you can capture welcoming your attendees each week? If your church is on the larger side, you may even have golf cart drivers who pick people up in the parking lot to bring them to the door. Capture the smiles and the genuine excitement of your people and let people see that. I’ve even seen a lot of churches with signs out front welcoming people as they pull in the parking lot. Seeing young people do this is especially cool!

People want to be a part of something impactful these days. Younger generations want to serve and make a difference. You can also share pictures of different serving opportunities you’ve had and maybe different small groups gathering as well. Can you share a brief testimony on reels of someone who joined a small group and found their own supportive community?

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Show people what kind of worship you provide on a Sunday by posting photographs on your social media accounts.

3. Style of worship

There are two main things people are looking for here: worship style and attire (suits and ties or jeans and sneakers). 

Are you traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in the middle? Do you mostly sing out of the hymnal or is your church singing the latest songs from Bethel, Elevation, and Phil Wickham? Either way, make sure people can easily identify this. 

People like to know a church’s style of worship. Let church seekers know and prepare your people for worship ahead of time by sharing your upcoming set list on social media. Click To Tweet

One good idea is to share a link to a new song your church may be doing in the upcoming Sunday service. Some churches even post a new song after their service in case anyone wants to check it out. You can also share your upcoming set list from time to time. This can help people be even more prepared for your worship time if they’re already familiar with the songs planned. 

You can do a 60-second recap of your services from time to time, featuring the 3 or 4 different parts of your service, like worship, message, alter time, prayer, etc.


I hope this article helped you think about if the personality of your church is coming through on your social media platforms. Remember people ARE searching and we want to make it easy for them to identify who we are and what we’re about. Social media looks like it’s here to stay, so let’s take advantage of this digital mission field and reach as many people for The Kingdom of God as possible.

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