Saint Patrick & Saint Joseph Feast Days with Catholic Kids

As Saint Patrick’s Feast Day and Saint Joseph’s Feast Day approach in March, help the students in your religious education program learn more about the lives of these two great saints. Download free activities and prayer cards to celebrate Saint Patrick’s and Saint Joseph’s feast days with Catholic kids!


Feast Day of Saint Patrick

On March 17th, the Church celebrates the feast day of Saint Patrick. Patrick is a very popular Saint. People all over the world celebrate his feast day with parades, parties, and the wearing of green.

About Saint Patrick

Patrick was born in Scotland in the year 347 ad. When he was about fourteen years old, he was captured and brought to Ireland. At this time, the people of Ireland did not know about Jesus. Ireland was not ruled by one single king, but by several Celtic chieftains. Each chieftain ruled a small piece of land but was always trying to get more land through force. Because of this unrest, not many people came to Ireland from England.

As a slave, Patrick was forced to take care of sheep. Patrick prayed often during his captivity. The people of Ireland at this time were not Christian. Patrick learned about their beliefs and practices. When Patrick was twenty years old, he escaped from slavery and returned home. However, he never forgot the people of Ireland and wanted to return to teach them about Christianity.

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