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We live in a society where we encounter so many distractions like TV, the internet, gossip, criticisms, and betrayal every day. In between all these, we forget the main motto, the main purpose of our soul on this earth. This list of distractions is endless, but there are always ways to overcome your distraction. It depends upon you how fast you realize the importance and what is the exact path you want to choose to overcome your distraction and find the sole purpose of your life. 

In Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 70, Krishna Says about the stability of life. He gave a beautiful example of how the ocean remains stable without being disturbed by the continuous flow of water from rivers. 

He compared all the thoughts and distractions with rivers. These endless thoughts will come into your mind, which is normal; you do not have to worry about it. 

Bad thoughts and all these distractions will knock on the mind, but you only attain peace when you are stable, and that will be possible by Chanting the Krishna Mantra at least once a day. 

There is no second thought that we all are moving with this modern society. Still, deep down, when you search for the root of tranquility, solitude, and ways to overcome your distraction that is interrupting the flow of your life, the only answer you will get is to devote your heart and soul to Lord Krishna completely. 

Discard all the temptations and desires that are stopping you achieve the main goal of your life, to find the ultimate purpose of your soul on this earth. Learn to regulate your mind and all your sense organs, take control of your own hands, and do not let your emotions control your actions. 

Among all these distractions, the attachment issue is a major factor that can greatly impact your life.

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Endeavor to chant repetitively.

 In the second chapter, Sloka 47 of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says,” While Contemplating the objects of senses, one develops the attachment, and that leads to the desire and then it forms the anger.” 

There is a point where we will lose our sanity and purpose in life. Everything we see, observe and contemplate knowingly or unknowingly becomes a part of our life; now, it is up to us to take things into account. If we know how to manage our lifestyles and channel our own emotions, then this will not create any chaos, but if we balance and control many things, there are chances we will drag ourselves into the pit hole of the worlds world’s chaos. 

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No one is a better friend than Krishna.

Lord Krishna declares in Bhagavad Gita Verse 9.18 

“ gatir bharataa Prabhuh Saakshi / nivaasah saharanam shrut

Prabhavah pralayah sthaanam/nidhhaanam beejam avyayam”

It means I am the goal, the master, the sustainer, the witness, the refuge, the abode, the dearest friend. I am the creation and destruction, the basis of everything, the resting place, and the eternal seed. 

If one will sincerely try to understand the statement given by Lord Krishna, one will never deviate from the goal. Here the word “Gati” means that destination we all want to go to, though we are unaware that our sole purpose is to surrender ourselves in front of lord Krishna. Almighty is here to save us from all the negative radiations. Complete faith in Lord Krishna can save us from 

Overcome Your Distractions

Reasons of distractions

Distraction is not the lack of focus; it is simply not allowing yourself to focus on the things on your priority list. The result is taking longer to finish any work, mental stress, and many other things. 

We live in the 21st century, where technology boosts productivity, but simultaneously, the distractions arising from this are unlimited. Thus, it is important to overcome your distraction. Here are the reasons that directly or indirectly affect our lifestyle and become the reason for distraction:

  • Trouble in prioritizing what is important

It happens when you face an endless list of tasks. You may often find yourself multitasking, ticking off things on your to-do list, which can lead to more pressure, and you may observe that you cannot focus on any of the tasks. 

  • Emotional procrastination

A lot of procrastination issues are veiled attempts to avoid discomfort. Your emotional trigger can drive you away from your comfort zone, where you may feel uncomfortable focusing on your work. 

Multitasking is a common reason for feeling overwhelmed and distracted because you do not know which thing you need to focus on and what should be your priority. 

Time and lifestyle management are like a hook connecting your entire day’s schedule. There are days when you have to stretch yourself to manage your tasks and get things done beforehand. 

  • Mental health and physical health issues

Our minds and bodies are intimately connected. So you need to take care of both things. Your mental issues can impair your focus as severely as your physical health. For this, you need to find ways to deal with it.

How can we shake off the distractions?

  • Regular mantra meditation lets your mind let go of interrupting thoughts and focus on one thing. To start this process, consider sitting quietly in a place for three to five minutes a day, close your eyes and imagine the picture of Lord Srikrishna. Surrender all your energies and queries to him and try to focus on the main purpose of this human life. 
  • It may not be easy initially as the mind tends to wander to other thoughts that can prevent focusing on your life. Let go of this thought without self-judgment; it will help you to get back on track. 
  • Apart from meditation, another important thing that you need to focus on is your sleeping schedule. Getting proper rest can help you to increase your focus and improve your overall mental and physical health. 
  • Take small breaks, and rather than standing up somewhere, prefer getting away from the system and going for a short walk. 

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