Disappearance Day of Shri Rasikananada

Shri Rasikananda spent almost 16 years preaching the teachings of Sri Gaursundar after accepting the order of his guru, Sri Syamananda. Afterward, he reached his endless pastimes at Remuna through Gopinatha’s lotus feet. Shri Rasikananda discreetly snuck out of the village Santa without anyone noticing on the first day of the brilliant fortnight in the month of Phalguna, Sakabda 1574 (1652AD), and walked to Remuna. When he arrived, he spent some time talking about Krsna-katha with the devotees and instructed everyone to serve Lord Krishna with devotion. He then visited the Sri Gopinatha temple and asked them to start sankirtana. After touching Kshira-chora Gopinatha’s lotus feet, which grant perfect fearlessness, he entered their ultimate refuge. The disappearance day of Shri Rasikananada falls on 21st Feb 2023.

As you enter the main gate of the Temple of Kshira-chora Gopinath in Remuna, Shri Rasikananda Prabhu’s Samadhi is directly in front of you, and to the right, the temple is to the left, and the administrative offices are straight ahead.

Tale of Shri Rasikananda

On the light fortnight first day in the month of Kartik, on the night of the festival Dipamalika, when the homes are decorated with rows of lamps, Shri Rasikananda Deva entered this world about 1590 AD (Sakabda 1512). His father was Sri Acyuta Deva, the ruler of Rohini.

The Suvarnarekha River surrounded the village of Rohini or Royni on one side, located in the nation of Mallabhumi (Suvarna meaning golden and Rekha, a line). The sins of every local person were washed away by the Suvarnarekha River. The Dolanganadi River, lined with lovely gardens, flowed by the side of the settlement called Barayita, which was close to Royni. Raja Acyuta Deva was renowned for preserving his subjects with tremendous affection and perfectly upholding monarchs’ traditions. King Acyuta’s son emerged in the town of Royni as the sun rose in the eastern sky and won the affection of the locals right away. Murari and Shri Rasikananda were his aliases.

He mastered all of the scriptures fairly well at a very young age. He had a strong bond with his parents, especially his mother, Bhavani. At a very young age, his father got married to him. Syamadasi, the wife of Murari, was a gem of moral character who came from the village of Ghonta Sila on the banks of the Suvarna Rekha, not far from Royni, where the Pandavas had previously lived in exile.

Shri Rasikananda

How Shri Rasikananda Met is Guru?

Murari was sitting by himself, contemplating when and how he could be lucky enough to find refuge at the lotus feet of a spiritual master. “Don’t be anxious, and you will become the disciple of Sri Syamananda,” a voice from the sky said as it spoke to him. After hearing this declaration, Rasik Murari felt ecstatic and started mumbling the term Syamananda again, as if chanting japa.

His excitement grew stronger with each passing second as tears streamed from his eyes as he chanted Syamananda’s name. He was in such a state that he remained awake most of the night, screaming at his teacher Syamananda. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, he dozed off and traveled to the realm of dreams, where he encountered his spiritual leader—a personification of charm and grace. Syamananda told him with a smile, “You will have me when tomorrow the eastern sky turns pink.” After saying this, Syamananda vanished. Shri Rasikananda felt his heart fill with intense ecstasy. The wise Murari then sat quietly observing the way as the morning’s first light broke through the thick blackness of the world. After some time, Syamananda came closer while still seeming as radiant as the sun and was accompanied by other of his pupils, including Sri Kishora dasa. His chest was as wide as a door, and his happy face looked like the way a lotus flower opened to welcome the sun. He was much more seductive as the sweet sounds of “Sri Krsna Caitanya-Nityananda” began to emanate from his lotus mouth. He moved on as the clouds do in the sky, totally engrossed in his intense love. As soon as Rasika saw it, he bowed before the holy man and touched his lotus feet. Shyamananda embraced him in utter joy and bathed him in euphoric tears.

Shri Rasikananda Devoted His Life to Preaching

At that point, Sri Rasika Murari considered himself among the universe’s most fortunate creatures. Syamananda introduced Rasika and his wife to the Radha-Krsna mantra meditation on a lucky day. After that, Shri Rasikananda started to journey with his teacher, growing closer to him. After that, Syamananda gave him the privilege of serving Sri Radha-Govinda Deva in Sri Gopiballabhapur. The devotees were charmed by Shri Rasikananda’s wonderful services as he immersed himself in their Lordships’ service. In Gopiballabhpur and other locations, he took the preaching of Sri Gaura-message Nityananda seriously. Several atheists and non-believers have converted to Sri Gaura-Nityananda devotees thanks to his influence. Many thieves, criminals, and atheists were converted to God’s grace and liberated from their evil behavior thanks to Shri Rasikananda’s powerful preaching. He disseminated the diamond of devotion when he traveled with his pupils from town to village.

One time he even taught a wild elephant that was meant for his destruction and put him to work for Lord Krishna and the Vaisnavas. As the evil miscreant who sent the elephant realized his error, he bowed at his feet. The number of living things Shri Rasikananda Deva’s association saved from the sea of material existence is impossible to quantify. When they sang the Holy Names, he was always high. Who, upon hearing of his exceptional qualities, is not astounded? [B.R. 15.86]. 86] His lotus feet served as a haven for several renowned kings and zamindars, including Candrabhanu, the ruler of Moyna, Patashpur Gajapati, and the ruler of Mayurbhanj, Vaidyanatha Bhanj. Even the unclean zamindar Bhima, the wicked atheist Srikar, and Suba Ahmadbeg bowed down to him at his lotus feet. How about those noble and upright gentlemen? Another ferocious, wild elephant that later went by the name Gopala das was also domesticated thanks to Shri Rasikananda’s spiritual influence. Two wild tigers subsequently lost their viciousness.

Shri Rasiknanada’s Love For Jagannath

Shri Rasikananda Deva was preaching one year during Lord Jagannatha’s Ratha-yatra celebration, but when he realized it was time for Ratha-yatra, he abandoned everything and ran like the wind to arrive in Nilacala in time for the event.

Yet the celebration had already started in the interim. The Rath came to a standstill due to Lord Jagannath, Who experienced mutual separation from His devoted disciple Shri Rasikananda. Even when the monarch sent his elephants to push the Ratha, they could not move it even a fraction of an inch. When Lord Jagannatha noticed the monarch was losing patience, he told him that His devotee Rasika was on the way. Shri Rasikananda Deva finally showed up, bringing numerous offerings, including silk clothing and other gifts. He knelt to present his dandavats to Lord Jagannatha, at which point the king asked him to pull the rope, causing the cart to start moving along the road with ease, exactly like the clouds do in the sky. Later, the monarch asked Shri Rasikananda to accept a gift of land so he could build a temple there. Shri Rasikananda asked for the location formerly known as Fultota Math, which is now Kunja Math. He erected Sri Bat Krsna’s Deity there. Now known as Sri Sri Radha-Rasika Raya, the Deity.


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