1 Year Ago legendary reporter Charles Wiley passed

Charles Wiley. Photo: Tony Carnes/A Journey through NYC religions

Charles Wiley, a writer for more than two dozen magazines, newspapers, and radio stations, and speaker of over 3000 talks to hundreds of schools, clubs, and organizations in 50 states and six continents died on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 1 AM in Corona, California. He was 95.

From the 1930s as a vaudeville and Broadway child actor to war reporting during the wars of America from World War II to the Persian Gulf wars, Wiley was an electric presence and a courageous gatherer of facts.

Charles Wiley championed a heroic vision of the American tradition of democracy. As an actor, soldier, reporter, and speaker, his biggest impact was on the youth in America and friends of democracy around the world.

He fought Soviet Communism but was also fascinated by the Civil Rights and anti-war youth movements and often reported on them. He had one of the last interviews that Malcolm X gave before he was assassinated. He wanted to see the fatal stumble of the Soviets in Afghanistan so he walk its mountains while talking with Osama bin Laden.

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